In my spare time, I write a lot of programs. Most of them are small utilities useful in various situations. When I run into something that I have to do again sometimes, I try to automate it with a program. That takes some time at first but I win back a lot of it when using those programs again and again and again...

The most useful and most general utilities are available for download:

File Description OS

Download this file MyCPU (V1.13g)

older versions:
MyCPU (V1.13f)
MyCPU (V1.13e)
MyCPU (V1.11)
MyCPU (V1.09)

MyCPU is a small utility to find out which cpu is installed. It shows vendor, type, model, stepping and speed information. Additionally it scans for features like MMX, 3dnow and SIMD (ISSE). Finally, it is able to read cache information such as the size of the L1-data & -instruction cache and the unified L2 cache.

Note: Most of the problems with MyCPU and Pentium IV-Systems have been solved. However, it is still possible that some problems arise out of the combination of MyCPU and Pentium IV-Systems. Please report problems to me...


Download this file Tray Service

Simple utility to quickly control a Win2K or WinXP service with just a Tray icon. Features starting, stopping, restarting, pausing or continuing a service.

Win 2000/XP

Download this file Password-Viewer

Simple utility to view passwords shown in asterisks (***).

partial XP-support (depends on the application)

Download this file Passwordlist-Viewer

Simple utility to view cached passwords (of the currently logged in User) saved in the corresponding pwl file. It really is interesting how many passwords are saved over time and sometimes even without notice...


Download this file DHB-Workshop

Very small utility to fastly change between different number systems. DHB stands for Dec(imal)-Hex(adecimal)-Bin(ary)


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